Rotary valves are essential for most of the industrial systems including the pneumatic conveying systems. The design, and composition are both solely dependent on its function. Polimak manufactures three different rotary valve housing configurations. These housing configurations are the flow through configuration (also known as drop through housing), the blow through configuration and the offset configuration (also known as offset ports housing).


Unique customer demands call for uniquely designed rotary valves. Custom designed products answer this call. Polimak makes possible the production of customized rotary valves aside from the standard rotary valves. Custom engineered rotary feeders are available in blow through, flow through and offset housing configurations. Our engineering team is capable of discussing the feed rates and the material’s characteristics to help select ideal housing size, rotor, drive system and seals that will ensure effective operations. Polimak is able to design and manufacture rotary feeders for customized applications in a short period of time.

Flow through rotary valve
customized rotary valve