In addition to supplying the right rotary valve type for the intended handling process, Polimak provides optional rotary valve accessories that allow enhanced material handling. These accessories may help prevent material shearing and regulate the flow of the material. The accessories mentioned below are installed on the valve’s housing.

Pneumatic conveying line connection adapter ​

Pneumatic conveying line connection adapter

This conveying adapter is also known as the discharge blow through adapter. The flange shape can either be round or square depending on the valve flange configuration. This adapter is used in pneumatic conveying systems to efficiently introduce the material into a convey stream in a preferably low turbulence manner. It is used with both the flow through and the offset rotary airlocks.

Inlet slide gate

The slide gate is used to regulate material flow. It is commonly known as a maintenance slide gate engineered for low-profile gravity flow materials as a close off gate. If it is positioned above the bin, the gate helps prevent the material from falling out when replacing the bin. It can be operated manually or automatically. The flange configurations can be circular or square.

Dosage control system

In applications that demand greater control and accurate dosing, Polimak offers a better dosage control system – a volumetric dosage system. The volumetric dosage system measures the volume of the material but does not weigh it. The system is designed to discharge predefined amounts of material in a specific interval at a defined ratio. The dosing is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) which allows the user to make adjustments of the mixing percentages.

Shaft Air Purge​

Shaft Air Purge

This is one of the most commonly used air purge types. The shaft air purge (SAP) is an essential feature to add to those rotary valves used in industries handling abrasive and fine bulk materials. SAP, also known as shaft seal purge, is used to blow air past the shaft seal and bearings by introducing minimal amounts of compressed air through valves endplates so that the bulk material does not come into contact with the seals. The pressurised air helps prevent the bulk material from wearing down the bearings and the shaft.

Rotor Pocket Purge​

Rotor Pocket Purge

In addition to our shaft air purge, we also offer the rotor pocket purge used for bulk materials with the tendency of filling up inside the rotor pockets, especially in the V-shaped rotor pockets. Compressed air is passed through the rotor area and prevents material build-up inside the pockets. For closed-end rotor types, we offer the Cavity Air Purge (abbreviated as CAP). CAP is commonly recommended for abrasive, chip or flake bulk materials. The cap's main purpose is abrasion reduction of the rotor shrouds and the endplates by blowing off the bulk material that tries to settle the cavity (the space between the shrouds and endplates). It also helps with the prevention of the dust products from reaching the shaft and the bearings.

Zero Speed Switch​

Zero Speed Switch

This is a safety feature that can be used with any rotary valve model. It is mounted on the valve's shaft guard on the non-drive end and is connected to a control system. It alerts your PLC system when the rotation of the rotor shaft stops. This feature come in handy with regards to monitoring the valve.

Shear Protector​

Shear Protector

Some bulk materials are susceptible to breaking easily during handling. The shear protector is utilised for granular bulk material such as plastic pellets, wood pellets, plastic flakes etc. This equipment's configuration includes a bent wiper with a flexible polyurethane tip at the end. The mechanism helps prevent the material from jamming as it flows in. As the bulk material flows in via the entry port, any material overflow is swept into the next rotor pocket. This reduces the chances of material jamming.

Discharge Guard​

Discharge Guard

Also known as the flange guard, the discharge finger guard helps prevent the operators from sustaining injuries. In a case where the bulk material gets stuck somewhere inside the valve and someone (the operator in this case) feels compelled to reach their hand up and release it without considering the necessary safety precautions, the flange guard prevents access.

Bearing Cooling Kit

In high-temperature operations, the bearing cooling kit is essential. It helps cool the bearing, therefore, prolonging the bearing's life