Rotary valves are used as solution for various application areas and industries such as food, cement, iron, steel, agriculture, chemicals and plastics to ensure continuous control or regulated function. They are preferred in many processes like food and chemical processing, pharmaceutical and plastics manufacturing, dosage control, mixing, batching and many others like silo discharging, pneumatic conveying line feeding and discharging.

Almost any material in powder or granular form of bulk solid can be used with rotary valves. However, each process is unique and should be handled well. Rotary valves are not only used for ensuring minimum loss of air pressure at the beginning or end of pneumatic conveying lines, but also used for providing volumetric and gravimetric feeding for continuous mixing and streaming solutions.

Each successful application is a result of good observation of the handled material and experience on difficulties and challenges of that specific process. Certain applications might require large diameters, unique inlet-outlet flanges, heavy duty housing, non-standard dimensions, reduced rotor volume, special flange connections, non-standard body designs and special accessories or some customers might ask for replacement of a discontinued brand / model or total cast iron or steel construction models.

Handled materials can be any of the bulk solid materials from cement, fly ash, cement clinker, gypsum, perlite, mining minerals, calcium carbonate, PVC, plastic pellets, plastic powders, polyethylene, ceramic powders, alumina, bentonite, wheat, flour, animal feed, seed, corn, bauxite, coal, kaolin, limestone, marble powder, soda ash, quartz, urea, sodium sulphate, rice, sugar and salt.

Custom engineered production incorporates problem definition, conceptualization, design, validation, production and installation. Polimak’s successful teams carry out these steps efficiently and provide custom engineered solutions in very short times.

Numerous Polimak Rotary Valve configurations are being designed to provide solution for various range of industrial processes. Selecting right type, design and each single component configurable to meet specific requirement of that application requires a great knowledge and Polimak’s experienced teams are ready to offer solutions to your applications.