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Polimak Smart Rotary Feeder

Polimak Smart Rotary Feeder Manufacturing and process industries including food, agriculture, cement, chemicals and plastics greatly depend on rotary feeders to handle various flowing bulk solids. Rotary feeders play an essential role in regulating the flow of bulk solids, a process that requires uninterrupted operations. Unfortunately, various problems related to the operation of rotary feeders…

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Bulk Solids Feeders

What are bulk solids feeders? During bulk material handling processes, an amount of the bulk raw material is transferred from one point to another e.g., the transfer of the bulk material from a silo to a tank. This transfer of the bulk material is achieved with the help of bulk equipment known as bulk solids…

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What is a Rotary Valve

WHAT IS A ROTARY VALVE? WHERE IS IT USED AND WITH WHICH MATERIALS?   Rotary valves are referred to by various names. The most common ones are rotary airlock and rotary feeders. The application of the valve gives rise to its name, whether a feeder, an airlock or even both. The term ‘rotary valve’ will…

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